NFP Life

What Is NFP Life?

NFP Life provides professional advisors serving high net worth clients with comprehensive life insurance resources, products, and services that empower them to meet their clients’ needs. A division of NFP, we encompass:

  • NFP offices focused on life insurance
  • Brokerage general agencies
  • PartnersFinancial, our flagship membership organization
  • Programs that help build and support revenue-sharing relationships, as well as generate leads for our member firms and NFP offices

Through any of these relationships, you’ll benefit from the size and scale of NFP Life. It’s this combined power that enables us to help you turn questions into opportunities, and opportunities into positive outcomes.

We understand that every case represents a person’s financial future — and your livelihood. That’s why we do business the same way you do: in a high-touch, personal and responsive way. We believe in getting ahead of expectations by challenging the status quo and fostering innovation.

The competitive life insurance industry demands an extraordinary level of dedication. Clients get it from you, and you’ll get it from us. We believe in what we do and, above all, the professional advisors we support.

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Life Insurance Trends

Fiscal Cliff White Paper

In recent years, the life insurance industry has evolved from death‑benefit‑oriented into an accumulation opportunity and vehicle. Life insurance companies are finding it difficult to support the structure of guaranteed death benefit life insurance products due to low interest rates and stricter reserve requirements. These factors have given rise to a new breed of life insurance products, riders and features that are not only less expensive, but also offer clients benefits other than just death benefits: living benefits, cash accumulation and exit strategies.

Read this white paper to learn more about these new life insurance trends.

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